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Vertigo: Effect of Spiking Healthcare Costs on Consumers
by Liz Ann Sonders
October 24, 2016

Regardless of your views about the Affordable Care Act, it is a fact that health care inflation is surging, which has implications for the consumer and the economy.

Three Reasons Stocks May Avoid Another Lost Decade
by Jeffrey Kleintop
October 17, 2016

The end of September marked 10 years with no growth in earnings and nine years with no gain in the stock market—what will the next 10 years offer investors?

Schwab Market Perspective: Spinning Our Wheels
by Liz Ann Sonders, Brad Sorensen and Jeffrey Kleintop
October 14, 2016

The fourth quarter promises plenty of action that could have a heavy impact on stocks, so what should investors do?

Your Time is Gonna Come: Households’ Leverage Down, Government Leverage Up
by Liz Ann Sonders
October 10, 2016

The financial crisis unleashed an epic era of deleveraging by households, while federal debt remains high and continues to rise.  This matters for growth.

Going Godzilla: What has the Bank of Japan Unleashed?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
October 03, 2016

The Bank of Japan faces a rising risk that their policy has created a monster that may be getting harder to control.

Every Picture Tells a Story: Recession Risk Up, but Not High
by Liz Ann Sonders
September 26, 2016

With the latest downtick in some leading economic indicators, recession concerns saw another bump.  The risk is up and bears watching, but remains relatively low.

World Tour: An Around The World Look At the Economic Landscape
by Jeffrey Kleintop
September 19, 2016

The global picture may have brightened a little, thanks largely to Asia, but with little momentum to that improvement.

Mind the Gap: Are Earnings Expectations Too High?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
September 06, 2016

After a year and a half of cutting their earnings estimates for the world’s companies by a total of 14%, analysts have spent the past six months raising them. Are they now expecting too much?

Your portfolio may be less diversified than you think
by Jeffrey Kleintop
August 22, 2016

Investors with a large home bias in their portfolio may not be nearly as diversified as they believe.

Does Zika pose an Olympic-sized risk to stocks?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
August 08, 2016

While the threat of Zika at the Olympic Games may garner headlines, past world pandemics show us that the market impact has not been significant—even when the global economy was especially vulnerable to a shock.

Earnings estimates are rebounding: what it means for stocks
by Jeffrey Kleintop
July 25, 2016

Analysts’ improving outlook for corporate earnings has tracked the trend of better than-expected economic data, helping to support stocks in the face of negative geopolitical events.

Three Reasons Why Now is Not the Time to Retreat from Global Diversification
by Jeffrey Kleintop
July 11, 2016

The Brexit is another in a series of political, economic and financial shocks coming from outside the United States. So is it time for long-term investors to retreat from global diversification to the perceived relative safety of the U.S. stock market?

After the Brexit Vote: What Lies Ahead for Markets?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
June 27, 2016

U.K. voters' decision to exit the European Union has rocked global markets. What will "Brexit" mean for investors going forward?

Beast of Burden (No More): Households Choosing Savings Over Debt
by Liz Ann Sonders
June 20, 2016

Government debt remains an intractable burden; but household deleveraging is well underway.  However, households much prefer savings over debt.

Five ways investors can make the most of slower growth
by Jeffrey Kleintop
May 31, 2016

Making the most out of a slower growth environment may help define investment success in the coming years leading investors to find bright spots among mega-caps and emerging market stocks.

Sympathy for the Devil in the Details of Wage Growth
by Liz Ann Sonders
May 23, 2016

Employment has undeniably improved, but wage growth has been notably subdued in this cycle … or has it?

Japan: Another Recession Coming?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
May 16, 2016

Japan’s economy is struggling and may be set to disappoint economists’ expectations for a sharp rebound in economic growth this year.

Eight Years Later: Europe’s Economy is Back and its Stocks are Leading Global Markets
by Jeffrey Kleintop
May 02, 2016

Europe’s improving economy pushed back above its prior peak eight years ago and has been helping lift European stocks above those of other developed markets.

Earnings Season for Investors: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint
by Jeffrey Kleintop
April 18, 2016

The Boston Marathon offers investors an important lesson in behavioral biases for investors to keep in mind this earnings season as companies may lower their outlook for profits.

What do the stock market trends in the first quarter mean for Q2 and beyond?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
April 04, 2016

Stocks’ wild ride and dominant themes in the first quarter hold key messages for investors about the second quarter and beyond.

Risks to the Rally: What Could End the Stock Market Rebound?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
March 21, 2016

Since the start of November the global stock market has been retracing the pattern seen in the second half of last year. We see three risks to the rally, but also see reasons to believe it is not over yet.

Trust but Verify: Five Independent Indicators of China’s Economy
by Jeffrey Kleintop
March 07, 2016

Some data coming out of China could be considered questionable. Learn where to look for a more accurate picture.

Brexit: 5 Things Investors Need to Know
by Jeffrey Kleintop
February 22, 2016

Britain will hold a referendum on June 23 to decide whether to remain in the EU or to “Brexit”. Investors can expect more volatility in the markets as the effects on the U.K. and Eurozone economy are considered.

Market Volatility: What Investors Should Know
by Schwab Center for Financial Research
February 11, 2016

Market volatility can make anyone nervous. Here's what investors should know now.

Negative Interest Rate Policy Adds Up To Less than Zero for Investors
by Jeffrey Kleintop
February 08, 2016

While central banks’ QE programs lifted stock prices in recent years, the latest shift by central banks to negative interest rate policy seems to be weighing on stocks and may be working against their intentions of promoting economic growth.

Central Banks to the Rescue?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
January 25, 2016

Rather than rescuing investors, comments from central bankers are more likely to create volatility in the markets until the global economic path is clearer.

Geopolitical risks in 2016: Is your portfolio prepared?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
January 11, 2016

There are three basic guidelines for investors when it comes to assessing the investment implications of geopolitical events.

How Rate Hikes Impact International Stock Markets
by Jeffrey Kleintop
December 21, 2015

The central banks of 20 nations raised interest rates in 2015, but not all countries are as well–positioned as the U.S. to handle the impact of rate hikes.

Decoding Devaluations: What Do Currency Moves Mean for Your Money?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
December 07, 2015

Find out more on how currency devaluations could impact your investment portfolio.

Devil Inside, Redux: Another Look at the Variety of U.S. Market Valuation Metrics
by Liz Ann Sonders
November 30, 2015

Looking again at some popular valuation metrics, it’s a mixed bag … with mixed messages, suggesting as always that valuation is in the eye of the beholder.

India Becomes World’s Fastest Growing Economy: What Investors Need to Know
by Jeffrey Kleintop
November 23, 2015

India has taken the title of the world’s fastest growing economy from China. Despite obvious similarities, the differences between these two economies mean the new leadership holds unique impacts for the global economy and markets.

What are earnings reports telling us about the global economy?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
November 09, 2015

Find out what company earnings reports are telling us about the global economy.

Bargain Hunters Beware: Is the Rally for Real?
by Jeffrey Kleintop
October 26, 2015

Investors shouldn’t mistake the double-digit rebounds seen in some emerging markets this month as an all-clear sign to snap up bargains.

Global Economy to be Stronger in 2016
by Jeffrey Kleintop
October 12, 2015

Despite fears of a global slowdown or recession, we foresee a stronger world economy in 2016 than in 2015 or 2014.

5 Things You May Have Missed While You Were Greeking Out
by Jeffrey Kleintop
July 06, 2015

Five developments unrelated to the situation in Greece may be at least as important to the direction of markets in the second half of 2015.

Going Global: Selecting ADRs or Foreign Stocks
by Schwab Center for Financial Research
August 22, 2014

You have several options when you invest in the global market. Learn how American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) and foreign stocks compare.

Going Global: Trading Foreign Stocks OTC
by Schwab Center for Financial Research
January 17, 2014

Looking to make an investment in a foreign stock? Read an article about trading foreign ordinaries over-the-counter.