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Wire Transfers

Conveniently Make Deposits or Wire Funds Internationally

We offer Schwab Hong Kong investors our Schwab Foreign Currency Wire Transfer Service. Here are some of the benefits of using Schwab to transfer money.

Competitive Costs

At Schwab, we offer competitive exchange rates for your money, which means more available for investing.

Faster Credits

Schwab credits funds the same day they're received.1

A Wide Selection of Currencies

We accept wired deposits in foreign currency and automatically convert them to U.S. dollars with no wire acceptance fees.2 We can also wire money from your Schwab account to the wire-receiving institution of your choice so you can use funds to make purchases or investments in local currencies.

Statement Consolidation

We help keep track of transactions by automatically deducting outgoing wire fees from your Schwab account and documenting transactions on your regular Schwab statement.

See Deposits & Transfers for details.