Can D.C. Chaos Halt the Bull Market?

September 29, 2021 Michael TownsendRandy Frederick
The long-running bull market is facing pressures as Congress continues to flail against complex issues that threaten the economy.

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  • Follow Mike and Randy on Twitter—@MikeTownsendCS and @RandyAFrederick, respectively.
  • For more on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, read this FAQ from the Schwab Center for Financial Research.
  • Follow Mike and Randy on Twitter—@MikeTownsendCS and @RandyAFrederick, respectively.
  • For more on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, read this FAQ from the Schwab Center for Financial Research.

As Congress continues to struggle with a quartet of complex policy issues, it's no exaggeration to say that the bull market and the economy are at risk. On this episode of WashingtonWise, Randy Frederick, Schwab's managing director of trading and derivatives, joins host Mike Townsend to discuss how the market might react, how investors could prepare for potential market disruptions, and how there might be opportunities for investors even as the risks to the market grow.

They also talk about the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, the role of crypto in the economy of the future, and whether greater government scrutiny of digital currencies will eventually help increase the confidence of ordinary investors.

Mike also offers updates on the SEC chairman confronting the reality that his ambitious regulatory agenda may take longer than he hoped and how two surprise resignations could reshape the Federal Reserve as the central bank heads into a critically important year. 

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