Important Information

Alert: How the latest Internet scam may impact you.

At Schwab Hong Kong, the security and protection of your personal information is our top priority. We request that you read this notice carefully.

There has been reported a steady increase in complaints from individuals who have received unsolicited emails. The unsolicited emails appear to be from businesses the potential victims deal with -- for example, their Internet service provider, online payment service or bank. The false email requests that the customer help verify their account information and password. A link in the email takes the unsuspecting client to a login page that looks just like the legitimate business, so the unsuspecting client enters the account number and password and the thief captures the information.

Another often-used approach directs you to an attachment to the email that the sender claims contains your personal information. By opening the attachment, you may be downloading a software program whose purpose is to collect personal information from your PC, such as passwords and other personal identifiers.

To the best of our knowledge, we do not believe that Schwab Hong Kong's websites have been targeted. Nor have we heard from any customers notifying us that they have received fraudulent email messages that may be part of a scam of this type. This alert is being sent to you to raise awareness about this potential threat. Please remember:

  • Schwab Hong Kong will never request or disclose your personal information (account number, login password, Hong Kong ID card number or passport number) in either a non-secure or unsolicited email communication.
  • If you get an email that warns you, with little or no notice, that an account of yours will be shut down unless you reconfirm your billing information, do not reply or click on the link in the email. Instead, contact a Schwab Hong Kong representative at +852-2101-0500.
  • You can access Charles Schwab Hong Kong website via either or only. You should never provide your account information to websites with domain names other than the above.
  • Never give out your personal information (such as your login password, Hong Kong ID card number or passport number, date of birth, etc.) via email.
  • Never enter any bank or account information online unless you are sure you are using a secure connection.

Again, the protection of your account and personal information is very important to Schwab Hong Kong.

If you receive any questionable email that claims to be from Schwab Hong Kong, we encourage you to contact a Schwab Hong Kong Service representative at +852-2101-0500.